What is this Book About?


Healing from Psychiatry: The Artist's Perspective is a compilation hardcover art book featuring the art and personal stories of 60 people from around the world. Each contributor was harmed by the institution of psychiatry in some way, whether by psychiatric medications, shock therapy, forced inpatient stays, or harmful and restrictive diagnostic labels. The emphasis of the book is on survivors of benzodiazepines.

There is currently no medical support for people who are harmed by psychiatric treatments. Most patients who are harmed receive no acknowledgement from their doctors, friends, or families, and many are temporarily disabled by these treatments. It is imperative that we raise awareness about this population of people so that they can receive support while they heal. My hope is that this book will help raise awareness and be a comfort and a useful tool for people currently recovering from psychiatric drugs and treatment.

This book touches upon the struggle of recovering from psychiatry, but it also highlights the strength, creativity, and perseverance the journey can evoke. It highlights many encouraging stories of people who have walked through the trenches and reached full recovery.


Why Did I Compile this Book?


I suffered from a severe and disabling reaction to a drug called lorazapam (generic Ativan), a benzodiazepine, which my doctor prescribed to me during a time when I was experiencing stress and anxiety.


In early recovery, my life became very small. I wasn't able to do  many things that I once took for granted. Reading a book was one of them; since my cognition, eyesight, and ability to concentrate suffered, reading novels became impossible. But I could still appreciate art and read in short bursts. Having a book of art made by others on the same path would have been a comforting, distracting, and useful resource.


Highlights of the Book


This book features short essays, poems, paintings, photographs, mixed media, and more. Each contributor used art as a method to distract them from harrowing symptoms and help them heal from the harm and injury caused by psychiatric treatment and/or psychiatric medications. My hope is that reading this book, you will begin to re-examine our culture's tendency to go for the quick fix of medications and aggressive medical treatments. The contributors to this book display the true strength of the human spirit and the ability to use art and creativity as a healing force.


The book has been endorsed by Doctor Heather Ashton, Robert Whitaker, Matt Samet, and Baylissa Frederick. Foreword by Doctor Heather Ashton, Matt Samet,  and Patty Hicks. Conclusion by Laura Delano.



Samples of Art/Artists from the Book

I created this website to let people know about my book: Healing From Psychiatry: The Artist's Perspective. I created this book to support those suffering from psychiatric treatments and medications gone wrong and to inform and warn the public about the potential dangers of these treatments to some individuals.

Lynn Norris
Josh Jernigan
Val Resh
Michelle Monet
Josh Jernigan
Rebecca Love Gerondale
Alison Page
Val Resh
Paul Pezzack
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